Sans 503 Certification Time – or so I hope!

Tomorrow I have my sans 503 exam.  I’ve prepared as best I can, but feel I could do better.  My original goal was to attempt to achieve more than 90% however I do not feel that this is attainable anymore.  I’m confident I will pass, but not achieve my initial goal.

I took a test exam today so I would be in the right frame of mind and allow me to get some last minute revision on the area’s that need strengthening and I scored 80%, so now going to focus on those that let me down, and hopefully it goes well.

What I have realised is that I spend the last couple months indexing the books, and found that I hardly used them at all.  The most important thing for me was my cheat sheets for the headers.  This are invaluable and I can very much recommend them.  I need to make a snort cheat sheet for the configuration side of things, I’m more than happy with therules, but I was thrown off when I was asked configuration questions, so that is what I am doing this evening!

On a few other occasions when I did reference the book, and re-read a section and then answered the question, to still get it wrong….I guess the morale is that you need to know the content, rather than rely on the book to give you the answer.

This is my first Sans exam, and it’s invaluable lessons learned for future exams.  I have the 401 scheduled for a months time, and at the very least I can take what I have learned from this index and use it for my next one.

Anyhow….back to the last few steps of preparation!