This is a place where I can call home.  I’ve had this url and blog for years and have gone through various incarnations as to what content I would like to write about, however they always seem to die a slow death….This time its different.

A bit about myself.

I have finally found the right role in IT which I want to pursue and this role is Security, such a fascinating and changing world, so much to learn and to keep up to date with, I’m just at the start of my journey (relatively speaking) and have so much more to learn, which in turn I will attempt to share with others.

What I have already discovered is that there is a huge shortage for individuals with skills and experience in Security, some of the people I have worked with make me frown, they supposedly have more experience than myself, but to them its just a job, so they make little effort to help themselves.  So I am here to help others!

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