In with the New

A site revival…Again.

So over the years I’ve had this domain name and have used it as some type of blog, with no real structure or thought as to what I am using it for.  However one it has been, and that is beneficial, I’ve helped myself and others at some point with posts or updates to issues and bugs that I have come across.

So I’m going to carry that on, but now in a slightly different direction, in the wonderful and ever changing world of Security.

I’m currently studying for the SANS 503 GCIA and SANS 401  GSEC certifications, and will be taking the 503 exam early next year, part of this blog will help me reinforce my knowledge, as I have discovered that we can generally understand things reasonably well in our head / mind, however when you have to explain or talk about what we believe we understand to others, we soon realise, that we do not know the subject as much as we thought!

Anyhow, I’ve made myself get this update out there, and will be making changes / adding more content going forward and hopefully this will be of some use to others as time goes by.  It’s 5:30am and I have not slept yet…my sleep pattern is currently messed up, no fun!